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Free Screensaver Download Center. There are two free screensavers in our download center. Walk through the healing field of red, white and blue commemorating 9/11 or choose a celebration of life in West texas complete with windmills, cotton fields and Lubbock's favorite rocker! Interested in having a custom screensaver created for you or your company? We're a call or click away!

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Lubbockmetro Screensaver
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Free American Flag Commemorative Screen Saver
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The Healing Field
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Macintosh. Download the file to your desktop. The file will decompress itself (if it doesn't, use Stuffit Expander). Drag the decompressed file inside the "Control Panels" folder (located inside the System Folder). Restart your computer to complete the installation process.

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Roaring Springs Texas Screen Saver

Roaring Springs Screensaver
Preview and Specs

Famed for the purity of its water, Roaring Springs is rich in history, adventure and enchanting West Texas beauty. Twenty images explore the natural springs as they nourish an oasis of lush vegetation camouflaged beneath a canopy of towering cottonwoods.

Dickens Springs Texas Screen Saver

Winter Canyon Screensaver
Preview and Specs

Venture through Dickens Springs and Silver Falls during Old Man Winter’s heyday. Explore rock walls, towering cottonwoods and meander down paths not taken! Twenty images from West Texas.

Gossups Cut Texas Screen Saver

Gossups Cut Screensaver
Preview and Specs

Rough, rugged canyonscapes echo memories of explorers, cowboys and pioneers as they crossed the Staked Plains in search of a place to call home. Twenty images from West Texas.

Lubbock Texas Screen Saver

Around the Hub Screensaver
Preview and Specs

Reflections of life in and around Lubbock, Texas. Abundant cotton fields, patriotic parades, historic windmills and Lubbock's favorite rock 'n' roller headline this screensaver. Twenty images from West Texas.

Pansy Project Texas Screen Saver

Pansy Project Screensaver
Preview and Specs

Rain, sleet or snow never discourages a pansy. Enter into a magnified view of these intense color guardians as they weather the West Texas environment. The majestic pansy color guard of purple, blue and burgundy reign supreme; raindrops form a protective barrier from the wintry nip of an approaching Blue Northerner while the tulips silently stand steadfast announcing the promise of spring and warmer weather! Twenty images from West Texas.

Petal Power Texas Screen Saver

Petal Power Screensaver
Preview and Specs

Extraordinary images of Gerbera Daisies and their pals continuously wash away your workday blues in a blast of digital color! Get a bee's perspective of new blooms emerging, intricate petals stretching toward sunlight and the powerful explosion of color as these plant unite to brighten your day. Twenty images from West Texas.

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